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Frequently Asked

What is Coaching-as-a-Benefit™?

Coaching-as-a-Benefit™ is a suite of leadership and professional development programs designed to address the future-readiness skills gap and massively improve productivity and organizational health.

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How do we work together?

We have a proven and easy 5-step process that we guide clients through.

  1. We define the primary goal

  2. We discover capabilities and priorities 

  3. We assess and identify success insights and metrics

  4. We perform needs development and co-create a transformation vision

  5. We co-develop a personal/organizational plan to 100%

    From that point, you execute, measure, review, and adjust as needed to gain mastery of self.

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Why is future-ready skills important?

Technology will never be slower than it is today and we must be able to adapt if we are to succeed. Being future-ready calls for an innovation-driven mindset that understand and anticipates the rules of the long game and leads to massive resiliency. They are:

  • Disruptive Innovation Fluency

  • Organize for Innovation

  • Beyond Time Management

  • The Future of Work

  • Skills for the AI Age.

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What are the top 5 leadership skill gaps today?

According to numerous reports from hundreds of CEOs, Board of Directors surveyed, the top 5 skill gap categories that directly impact the bottom line are:

  • Leadership and delegation skills

  • Conflict Management skills

  • Listening skills

  • Mentoring and developing talent skills

  • Emotional Intelligence and communication skills

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Why did you choose TTI Success Insights for your Diagnostic Tools?

Over three decades I have experienced many different assessment tools and observed high amounts of bias within the assessment and perpetuated afterwards within the team. The fact is that there are so many assessment tools out there that have holes. But humans are not swiss cheese!  I became a certified licensed partner with TTI Success Insights because they offer the following advantages that others don’t:

  • Backed by 35+ years of scientific research

  • Continual validation studies by independent bodies and neuroscience communities

  • Adverse Impact studies / EEOC and OFCCP compliant

  • Best tool for hiring – passed legal and regulatory hurdles

  • Best tool for your people management, engagement, and retention

  • A suite of options that measure different factors for your needs

  • We answer all your questions, provide proof, and back up our claims

  • ISO 27001 IT Data Security standard compliant

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What is the root cause of stress? It's not what you think.

With Our Compliments

Have you heard? As a way of giving back to the community, once a month we give away a free Stress Diagnostic Assessment worth more than $350! Sign up and be entered to win.

Most stress goes unnoticed or misdiagnosed. Often we tend to disregard it as par for the course but stress has serious health and mental implications and it needs to be addressed. Understanding the source of your stress empowers you to take the right steps to address it and we are here to help you do just that. Read below.

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